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The Oil Goddess

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The Oil Goddess
Custom Blended Essential Oils

Quest for oil

It all started when I went for a regular check-up with my new, favorite physician, Peggy. As a lifetime sufferer of eczema, I had been seeking some serious relief since it now was ongoing for years. Normally my eczema would come and go throughout the year and pop up randomly wherever I had a weak spot. Once it spread to all my fingers and I wore bandaids on almost every single finger for an entire winter, I was ready to try anything. Peggy had provided me with a lifetime supply of medication, ongoing purse sizes in two types and a one pound jug for daily home use, and recommended the everything-free lotions for my hands. Nothing worked! I have never been able to wear anything with a scent, no fragrance or perfumes scented anything even bar soaps or my eczema would take over. Well she said one day, “You know, essentially what we were supposed to do is oil up every day after our shower, hardly wash the naturals oils off your skin, but instead add to them good stuff.”
Oil, huh! I never tried that. I immediately went to the Dollar Store (yep, all new experiments seem to start there) and bought whatever they had in Vitamin E oil. The first few months I strictly used a couple teaspoons of $1 Vitamin E oil head to toe, wet after my shower and I have had almost no eczema since. I’ve been almost two years now breakout-free and I will never look back. I’ve delved into researching all there is to know about the various oils and their properties and realized there is a LOT to learn. There are a lot of carrier oils that each have their own absorption properties and blending qualities and varying degrees of purity, not to mention the essential oils which are in the hundreds and could take a person a lifetime to learn all there is to know if you don’t have a medicine man around to teach you. My interests were peaked; I couldn’t stop myself I had to know more.
I went all in and splurged on myself with my tax return and stocked up on all the base and essential oils I thought I needed. I had so much fun learning all the combinations of things, homeopathic remedies, and was amazed to see how well it worked. I would concoct some blend, try it for three days, stop for three days, and see if anything changed. In almost all cases I saw an improvement. I replaced all the lotions, perfumes, room sprays and most of the soaps in my house with things I was making. Other people started liking what I smelled like (that was a first) and so I started making things for them as well.
During all this time I had found a small roll-on perfume bottle called Moon Drenched that my aunt had given my daughter. She had a custom blended oil based perfume, I loved it! I could stand the smell and the oils didn’t bother my skin so I set out to find where this was made. Turns out the store closed but the new place kept the blending bar. I had them make me and all the females in my family that same scent and then I just had to know how to make it myself. Moon Drenched was the first blend I made and now I make many varieties of it now with the same aroma base.
After so many requests and glowing remarks on the products, I created The Oil Goddess. An ever changing line of bath and body products; all natural, sometimes organic, oils, soaps, perfumes, lotions, salts, sprays, lip balm and personal concoctions for your individual needs. I really enjoy coming up with the perfect blend for your needs and will experiment with testers to get it right. I use all 100% pure, therapeutic grade, sometimes organic essential oils to infuse the products.
These have incredible medicinal properties and I will not pretend to know what all of them can do and how you will react to them. However, all of these are diluted and if you are allergic to any herb, tree, or fruit, I highly recommend you do not use the products with those essential oils in them. Please let me know, especially if you are allergic to lavender, and I will make sure to keep all products free from your particular allergy.
I love to hear how the products work for you, so please feel free to comment and let me know if there is anything you would like differently. I encourage ALL feedback so I can continually make products to better serve your needs, and you are usually not the only one suffering from something, so others could benefit as well. I look forward to hearing from you and I really hope you enjoy your new skin like I do.

Peace, Love and Light
Kelly Traczyk
The Oil Goddess

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