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Wakefield Chamber of Commerce

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499 Lake Shore Drive
Wakefield, MI 49968
(906) 224-2222
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Wakefield is centrally located to all the activities and events in the Western U.P.

Founded in the late 1800's as an iron ore mining town, the Wakefield area is rich in history. With mining ending around 1960 the area returned to its natural beauty of forest and water. The forest being a mix of hardwood and conifers makes a spectacular year around treat for the eye. From evergreens all decked out in there cloak of winter white to the hardwoods vivid palate of color in the fall. Add water in the form of rivers and streams, lakes in all sizes from ponds to the mighty Lake Superior, to this Mecca of timber. Throw in some small mountain ranges, with rocky terrain. A little know fact: The Huron and Porcupine mountain ranges were once higher than today's Rockies. Successive movements of the glaciers wore down these ranges. You now have some of the finest country to enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Wakefield's history, as a settlement, village and city, goes back over one hundred years. A visit to our local historical society and museum offers a glimpse into the area that helped develop and protect our country. Much of the iron ore mined in this area was used to build the railroads, ships and tanks for war and also supplied a lot men and women to fight the battles. Others went on to achieve prominence in the arts, education and business.