Adventure Awaits Michigan Western Upper Peninsula

Snowmobiling Big Snow Country Style!


Here, snowmobiling isn’t just a pastime – it’s a lifestyle, a winter symphony composed on a canvas of gleaming white trails.

The Western Upper Peninsula presents a thrilling, white wonderland adventure for snowmobiling enthusiasts. With over 2000 miles of groomed trails, this region is a hidden gem offering unparalleled excitement and breathtaking winter beauty. Snowmobilers are treated to pristine forests, panoramic views of Lake Superior, and the chance to observe wildlife in their natural habitat.

The trails are well-marked and maintained by dedicated local snowmobile clubs, ensuring safe and exciting rides. The trail system includes a mixture of public and private lands, and with a trail accessible snowmobile permit, riders can explore this winter paradise with ease. .

Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-filled adventure or a peaceful exploration of Michigan’s winter landscapes, snowmobiling in the Western Upper Peninsula offers an unforgettable experience.

Our area offers cozy lodgings, hearty meals, and excellent equipment rentals. We’ve got your back when it comes to comfort and convenience because a day on the trails should end with a warm meal and a toast to the winter gods.

In Western Upper Peninsula the snow is always whiter, the trails are always smoother, and the snowmobiling? Well, it’s simply the best.

Western Upper Michigan Snowmobile Trail Reports – Lake Gogebic Trail Report, Watersmeet Trail Report, Ironwood, Bessemer, Wakefield Trail Reports

Western U P Snowmobile Trail Report 1/26/2024

Temps for the next ten days will be in the 30’s with a chance of snow on Tuesday .  The weather is not helping conditions, with the little snow we do have our trails and the warmer temps our clubs will not be able to get out until we get more snow.

Please stay on marked trails riding on unmarked trails can result in the clubs losing easement for that trail.

Gogebic Range Trail Authority Groomer Report January 26, 2024

We will not be going out until we get colder temps and more snow.  We have nothing to work with.

 Remember this is early season.  RIDE WITH CAUTION!!!

Gogebic Area Groomers Report January 26, 2024

Putting them away until better conditions prevail.. Think cold and

It is early season riding!!! RIDE WITH CAUTION!!!

U.P. Thunder Riders Trail Report January 26, 2024

Unfortunately, we will not be grooming again until we get more snow. There is nothing left to work with. The temperatures in our area won’t help our trail system either.

Remember it is early season riding.  Stay safe and ride right!!!

Watersmeet Michigan Area
Snowmobile Trail Report

Lake Gogebic Area
Snowmobile Trail Report 


Western U.P. Snowmobile Map

Western U.P. Snowmobile Map

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