Adventure Awaits Michigan Western Upper Peninsula

Snowmobiling Big Snow Country Style!

Thousands of miles of groomed trails

Snowmobile thousands of miles of trails.  Over 200 inches of annual snowfall.

Each Western U.P. snowmobiling adventure is unique and exciting, as there are over 2000 miles groomed trails, unplowed logging roads, secluded National Forest trails throughout our area. Explore a Western U.P. winter and share the experience of a Western U.P. snowmobiling vacation with your family and friends. It’s what snowmobiling is all about. Because when natural beauty, brilliant exhilaration and good times come together, the sensation is Pure Michigan. Big Snow Country is a Snowmobiler’s Paradise. This heavy snowfall gives you, the rider, the very best conditions and trails.


Western Upper Michigan Snowmobile Trail Reports – Lake Gogebic Trail Report, Watersmeet Trail Report, Ironwood, Bessemer, Wakefield Trail Reports


Date of Report: March 23 2018

Overall Story for the Gogebic Range Trail Authority
03/21/18: No new snow. Another warm weekend. Road crossings, road routes and in town is really tough. We still have sections that remain in good condition, however, they can be hard to get to for the faint of heart. Evaluating closing the trails to preserve some private landowners grass.

Trail 2 from Hurley to Ramsay US-2 Crossing:
Overall rating: POOR
Last groomed 3/2.

Trail 2 from Ramsay Crossing to Wakefield:
Overall rating: POOR. 
Last groomed 3/2.

Trail 2 from Wakefield to Marenisco:
Overall Rating: POOR 
Groomed 3/13 from 2/8 Intersection to US Hwy 2.

Trail 8 from Bingo’s to Tula Crossing:
Overall Rating: POOR.

Trail 160 from Walmart to Montreal River (WI):
Overall Rating: POOR
Last Groomed 2/27.

11S (Wakefield, MI to Winchester, WI):
Overall Rating: FAIR
Last groomed 2/26. The first 2 miles of the trail as it heads south towards Wisconsin from Trail 2 is plowed due to logging. Please yield to all commercial truck traffic.

Lake Gogebic Area Groomers Report 3/19
Sled Season 2018 is on the books –but what a great season it has been! Our weather forecast over the next few days is anything but positive for our rapidly deteriorating trails, and groomers have packed it up for the season. Many trails are in not rideable condition, but if you are out there riding – please use caution as wet spots will re-develop with melting snow.
Delivering some of the best riding in the Country is not something that happens easily or overnight. It a long-term group effort fueled by a team of truly dedicated, hard-working and knowledgeable (stubborn) people. It’s a team of people who you can count on to GSD when it really matters and it’s those people who make the U.P. a unique and special place to visit and live. Thank you to everyone who played a part in making this season a success and a big show of gratitude to Mother Nature for her fabulous appearance! No matter how big or small your role may have been – your role is important – and it all makes a difference!
On behalf of our Gogebic Area Groomers, all our local area businesses, volunteers, members and supporters (Moonshine Riders) – we also want to thank everyone who came to ride our Gogebic Area trails this season! We know that you have a choice of where to ride – we are glad that you choose Lake Gogebic – and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

Watersmeet White Thunder Riders
Groomer Report
Snowmobiling Season 2018 seems to be over – technically it’s not over until March 31 but there is no snow in the forecast and we are down to gravel in many places!
We had a good season even with the lower than normal snowfall amount and this doesn’t mean we couldn’t have a freak storm but it doesn’t look good. If you do come up to ride there are many wet areas so use caution and please remember there are restrictions for no off trail riding (forest roads are allowed) in the Ottawa National Forest
We have a small but truly dedicated and hard-working team that spent countless hours to provide the best trails they could. Drivers and Trail Boss THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
And to all of you, thank you for your support and encouragement, through the season is truly appreciated!

Snowmobile Trail Report

Watersmeet Michigan Area
Snowmobile Trail Report

Lake Gogebic Area
Snowmobile Trail Report 


Western U.P. Snowmobile Map

Western U.P. Snowmobile Map


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