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411 South Sophie Street
Bessemer, MI 49911
(906) 667-0019
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Nestled among forests and bluffs, Bessemer is a continued benchmark in the western Upper Peninsula.  The city is home to a number of attractions like the Copper Peak ski jump, the world’s highest ski-flying structure, two premier ski hills, and also has many trails for cross country skiing.  Don’t like the snow? Don’t worry. Bessemer and the surrounding areas have an abundance of summer activities like hiking and biking trails, bluffs to climb, lakes and rivers to swim in, and so much more.  You can be whoever you want to be when you come to Bessemer, but most importantly, you get to be yourself.  Come join us so you too can experience all the opportunities and natural beauty Bessemer has to offer!

Summer and Fall Activities:

The Iron Bell Trail stretches from Bessemer, Michigan, to Hurley, Wisconsin, and combines a smooth path with beautiful scenery to give outdoor enthusiasts a great adventure.  Whether you desire a relaxing walk with your pet, or a vigorous bike ride, the Iron Bell Trail is the perfect route for you.  Tired along the way? Feel free to stop and fill up your water bottles at the artesian well that continuously spouts cold, pure, drinking water.

Black River Harbor, located north of Bessemer, opens up to the massive Lake Superior.  Easily accessible from US 2 (Left onto N Moore St. --> Left onto Black river Dr.), this area provides a number of activities for all people, whether active or not.  Swimming, hiking, biking, boating, fishing, and kayaking are the most popular activities in the Black River Harbor area, while complimented by beautiful views, make this excursion a must during your visit.

The Bluff View Park (BVP) is a great place for people of all ages to visit and enjoy.  This park consists of a picnic area, playground equipment, basketball and volleyball court, and the iconic Bluff that gives adventurers a brief but fun hike to the top view point.  Once on top, you will be able to look over the city of Bessemer to the south, and to the north, you will see vast forests with the Copper Peak ski jump in the distance.

Copper Peak Ski Jump is as beautiful as it is historic.  Built in 1970, this ski jump draws in thousands of visitors every year to be captivated by the breathtaking views from the top of this unique attraction.  Copper Peak offers elevator rides that rise ¾ of the way up the jump, and, if you desire, can walk to the peak of the giant jump.  Surrounded by almost nothing but forest, this activity is best enjoyed during the fall season, but these views are still incredible during the spring and summer too.

Winter Activities:

Skiing is one of the area’s most popular winter activities as we have a number of fun and challenging ski hills (Powderhorn, Blackjack, Indianhead, and ABR Cross Country Skiing). With condos at the hills, lodging at near-by locations, and provided shuttles if needed, getting to the hill will be the easiest thing you do on your eventful ski trip.

As the snow falls in the beautiful Northwoods, walking and biking gives way to snowshoeing and snowmobiling.  These activities draw in large amounts of people to the area, especially around the holidays.  Fortunately, there are a plethora of trails and stops along the way that will keep you and your friends occupied for hours.


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