Adventure Awaits Michigan Western Upper Peninsula

Choose Your Trail in the Western U.P.

The Western Upper Peninsula is “Michigan’s Trailhead.”  Whether you are looking for hiking, biking padding, ORV, snowmobile, skiing or any other trail, the Western Upper Peninsula has it all.  Hiking trail Sylvania Wilderness

There are more than 150 waterfalls across this breathtaking area of the Upper Peninsula. In the Autumn, the waterfalls are framed by maple crimson and aspen gold. In the winter, they create strange ice formations. All are spectacles of white splendor that are sure to make any vacation memorable.

With miles of trails through scenic and pristine natural areas, the Western U.P. offers some of the best hiking opportunities in the Eastern United States. Spend a day or a week or a summer.. Treat yourself to views of majestic old growth forests, scenic overlooks, inspirational waterfalls… Relax on a river bank or on the shores of an inland lake…

The growing sport of mountain biking has taken hold here in the Western U.P. Three complete trail systems to ride on make this a biker’s paradise. Just about anywhere you stay someone can point out a favorite trail.Kayaking, waterfalls, Lake Superior, Montreal River

Ride the scenic trails of the Western UP.  Old growth forests, spectacular fall colors and pristine waters are all part of your ORV adventure in the Western UP.

Explore the variety of waters awaiting you from the whitewater kayaking sea kayaking the might Lake Superior!  Explore rock formations, discover waterfalls, camp on remote islands or shores of Lake Superior by sea kayak — or travel pristine rivers

Fishing in the Western good clean fun! Our endless variety of lakes and rivers will provide you with whatever type of fishing you want. From ”Big lake” charter boat fishing, to the fishing with a float tube on a small secluded lake, and every thing in between.

Lake of the Clouds


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