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Adventure Awaits Michigan Western Upper Peninsula
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Hundreds of waterfalls

Lake Gogebic

Championship Fishing

Porcupine Mountains

Unspoiled beauty

Sylvania Wilderness

Pristine wilderness


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Explore Michigan’s Trailhead


Summer is all about our natural surroundings! The Western Upper Peninsula at its untamed best, raw and rugged. With a Lake that thinks it is an ocean and abundant rivers flowing through ancient forests summer is the perfect time for paddling, fishing, rock hounding, hiking, or just quietly taking in blue skies and beautiful beaches.

Enjoy the season’s unique festivals like the Bessemer and Wakefield July 4th celebrations.

Explore the shops of the timeless small towns dotting our ancient landscape! Grab your bike and hit our trails or sign up for the Miners Revenge, a unique mountain bike race that travels 2000 feet through the first level of the historic Adventure Mine. Summers are custom-made for rediscovering the wild inside of you.

Whatever trail you choose to follow, your outdoor adventure starts at Michigan’s Trailhead.